Super powers

I had a couple psychotic episodes before they got my medication right. during these episodes I had super powers or thought I did. Does anyone feel that some of the super powers they had were real after coming out of psychosis? I opened a gate with my eyes and still believe it to be real.

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The “super power” belief is a product of correlation without causation. Your mind makes connections that are illogical, and end up believing them fully.

I believed a lot of stuff happening during my psychosis was all real and some were super powers with that. Most of them are delusions and shattered now but there are still a few lingering around that I believe in still. Just gotta wait for the right time to prove them wrong if it ever comes aha

I had the power that my emotions could change the weather

I made toast without burning it once when I was psychotic before I ever tried medication. After I was put on medication I could never repeat that.


I believe the super power delusion is a fairly common one in our society due to all the superhero/superpower movies. I know I was effected by such a delusion the two times I went psychotic. I almost miss those days because there is a certain comfort in believing you are all powerful, I wouldn’t trade it for the insight I hold now though. Although reality can be unforgiving, it is healthier to have a firm grasp on reality



I wish I had superpowers. I think mine is the superpower of distractibility. Also, of walking into things.

As delusions go, the belief in having a superpower seems like a less upsetting one, also your particular one isn’t a danger to you or others.

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Apparently, I’m invisible to the world. And I have super-sensitive hearing.

Time to get a t-shirt with a big red S on it. It’s Schizophrenia Man!! If you ever have an emergency call me up and I’ll be there in a year.


When in grandeur I have superpowers.

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