Super intelligence ruins a good chess match

Being to smart would ruin the game.

You’d have two guys able to see thousands of moves in advance.

Stupidity and inability is what makes chess fun. Otherwise you are simply repeating the same moves over and over again, there is no challenge in the least, just a bunch of memorized moves that play out the same everytime.

And then you just throw up your hands and don’t want to play anymore.

Super advanced ability would also ruin basketball games and other games like it. Each and every shot is sure to go in. No one would even watch. It would just go in every time.

However. You can change the point of the game to the opposite goal. The goal could be losing from now on. And that would become an almost unaccomplishable goal to have in such a circumstance. The one who loses is deemed the winner, it’s the only thing that works with super intelligence and super abilities.

It would be so hard to lose a chess match intentionally if both players could think that far ahead and they both had the memory of an entirely advanced computing system.


It’s really fun playing my dad… he loves knights for some reasons. I surprised him entirely when I contantly just trade my bishops for his nights… I even traded him a queen for his knight one time he never saw it coming… he can’t play for crap without both knights it’s hilarious… and when I threw away my queen to take his last night he crapped his pants and threw the game lol.


My favorite is the horsey!


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That’s insane! Bobby fisher with an IQ of 187! That is insane!

He was the rock star of the chess world while I was growing up.

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Still is I actually studied some of his books and stuff.

Our local newspaper used to publish his matches. You could replay his games with his opponents, move by move. It was fun.

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