Summer autumn fashion trends

@Rhubot The dresses once you showed me are the latest trend in the market for summer/autumn.
I have a few Maxi but not sure about wearing these :blush:

I am ordering some clothes :thinking: Keep saying I wanna buy local but they do not have very young and trendy stuff that I like or it is way too expensive :thinking:

I like TheBay designer clothes and shoes and some certain small boutiques but this site has the best stuff. Just the conversion rate is too high from CAD to US :confused:

The clothes on this website are cheap. But, I can’t get myself to buy any of it.

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The clothes I chose are resulting a 260 $ Canadian + when it reaches my home, I’d have to pay duties around 50 or more.
It is better to buy local. I think I have 11 items in my cart. Would you buy?

Tent dresses are fashionable again? :astonished: :smile:

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