Sufferers of dry mouth

Dry mother, dry mouth. I wasn’t breast fed. Evidently, I missed something.

My antipsychotic meds make my mouth dry.

Meds, hat’s what they tell me, too.

On the other hand, I refused breast feeding…

My meds give me serious dry mouth. Especially at night. Ive tried all the Biotine mouthwashes, sprays, gums. None help. The only thing that helps is soda. So I keep some next to my bed at night, for when I wake up parched.



I think that breast feeding is a two-way co-ordination thing between mother and baby so I wouldn’t be inclined to think it was totally your refusal. Some doctors used to actually be against breast feeding. That’s a male doctor’s ego problem if you ask me.

Biotine seems to make my mouth drier. Chewing nicotine gum all day seems to work for me, even at night I don’t wake up with my mouth parched together. I think any gum might work, but you gotta watch out for cavity-causing gum - even some sugar-free ones have lots of acids.

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I get really dry mouth all day and especially when I sleep. Also a really weird thing happens to me when I sleep. As soon as I lay down to go to bed my nose gets really stuffy. But if I lay down during the day not in bed it doesn’t happen. Its really weird so I have to me a mouth breather at night.

Do you use a mouthwash before bed or a toothpaste not used during the day. I’ve pinpointed those as causes of a stuffy nose - though I’m not sure… Then you have to open your mouth to breathe and even drier mouth results.

Otherwise Try chewing trident cinnamon (though I suspect the cinnamon flavoring) or other non-fruit sugarless gum all day, up until you go to sleep.

It is the weirdest thing. I cant figure out what I do differently at night. I don’t use different mouth wash, It doesn’t matter where I sleep or lay down. The only thing I can think of is my medications, I take all of them at night and not throughout the day.

Do you sleep with stuffed animals in the bed? Decorative pillows maybe?
These can cause you to wake up with headaches as well as stuff you up at night. Don’t try washing them, just put them out in the sunlight for the day-bonus they smell linen fresh when you bring them back in- do this maybe once a week then at least once a month.
You can also prop yourself up with an extra pillow or something under the mattress to help your stuffy nose.
Abilify made my nose stuffy while taking it, but not just when I slept.

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Pillows - feather-stuffed + synthetic - bother me. How about pajamas?

I haven’t had a problem with medications, but that might be the cause for you.

My teeth are shot due to dry mouth caused by years of antipsychotics and mood stabilizers. I had one idiot dentist who didn’t believe me, and insisted I had either been sucking on oranges and lemons for years, or was on meth. He made me so angry I never went back. Got a chipped tooth currently, and am saving the money to have it fixed. Man I hate going to the dentist!

This dry mouth problem makes me to lick my lips regularly. It may seen funny to other people who do not understand the problem.

I like to go to dentists, today anesthetics are good, when one of my teeth was removed two years ago I did not feel anything, the dentist gave me some painkillers and applied anesthetics before the operation. I remember the early 1980s when these anesthetics were so bad that it did hurt even after it had been applied.