Substance Abuse Disorders in Schizophrenia

Important message for people with schizophrenia in this new study:

"The results suggest that substance use in schizophrenia is an independent risk factor for disease severity and onset."



This is good. My son had everything going for him in regard to SZ.
A mother who was sick in the 8th month of pregnancy.
Drug abuse.
A car accident that gave him a concussion right to the frontal lobe.
A family history of personality disorders and depression…but no SZ.

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Gee. I had that car accident, too!


yeah-that`s when the real trouble started…

Schizophrenia sounds lke brain damage to me.


Could be in his case—cant get him to go for an MRI and EKG! He also said he didnt want to know.
Less than a year after the accident, he started to get erratic. He was already doing drugs too.
The whole combo was bad.