Subjective cognitive complaints in first episode psychosis

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I didnt read the whole thing cause it was too long. However i read the concludion and im not sure what exactly they learned from the study.

Interestingly, we found that abstainer FEP patients complained more about their subjective cognition (Cohen’s d = −0.316, r = −0.166), compared to FEP patients who consumed alcohol. Our study findings also indicate that higher the alcohol consumption, the lower the awareness of subjective cognition complaints among FEP schizophrenic patients (Cohen’s d = 0.868, r = 0.629 among AUD dependence group). These results are consistent with the meta-cognition deficits that have been observed in non-psychotic patients with alcoholism (Le Berre and Sullivan, 2016).

Increased consumption of alcohol is also correlated with decreased academic preformance.

If your abstaining from alcohol then likey you aren’t using illicit substances either. If you take a sample group who abstains from all form of socially accepted psychoactive drugs and give them antipsychotics then I’m not suprised they would complain. I would be interested to know what this group are complaining about if they were also antipsychotic naive. That would give you an interesting snapshot of the negative symptoms.

Probably hard to have a handle on your cognition if your not sure if it’s the hungover or not.