Strongest coffee? Weakest coffee?

Anyone know Coffee that is light. I think from google Espresso or cappucino were the strongest… is lattee nice for newbies?

Lattes and Mochas come with steamed milk and that does a lot to balance the more negative aspects of coffee’s chemistry. Milks are usually high in tryptophan which allows the body to compensate with the caffeine effecting it’s serotonin system, by converting tryptophan -> serotonin.

Espresso doesn’t fit into the spectrum of typical brewing. Espresso is as finely ground as it gets and steam is used to extract almost all the caffeine possible for a very potent shot of coffee.

Most everywhere uses at least two shots of espresso in their beverages.

Now coffee itself, the old slow drip, has a wide variety of flavors and they usually do range from light to dark.

Light coffee is actually the strongest. Medium is in the middle. And Dark is the lowest in potency.

The coffee with the lowest kick to it is decaf… but decaf still has a noticeable amount of caffeine when consumed. I haven’t confirmed it myself and it probably varies, but my mom was saying about a 4th the caffeine.

So yeah strongest to weakest… Espresso, Light coffee, medium coffees, dark coffees, then decaf.

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So what strain would dark coffee be?

I just got Lattee, is that fine?

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A latte contain espresso shots. The weakest coffee is just instant coffee.

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The satchets with the sugar and stuff?

You can buy a jar of instant coffee granules in any shop. Just add boiling water (and milk if you want).

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I say lattes are fine man… I prefer milk with my coffee.

There is no example off the top of my head. There are a lot of flavors and usually the labels indicate where they sit on the scale.

Coffee is relatively harmless unless you drink it every 3 hours endlessly… if you are just having one a day it is likely fine to experiment with unless a doctor has supervised that you do otherwise.

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I want to taste coffee a few times a day. like three… what would u guys recommend?

I dont want my heart beating outta my chest :stuck_out_tongue:

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Instant coffee. 1 TEAspoon of granules in each cup.

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Half hot water . half milk? @everhopeful

Yes, that sounds good.

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I’d get decaf to brew in the morning… trust me it still works.

Then a latte from some place.

Maybe swap out coffee for a green or regular tea. Black tea is the most potent of them.

Otherwise more decaf or a mild amount of dark coffee.

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@Azley What do u reckon about @everhopeful idea?

I feel that, tea i get too relaxed.

There are probably good brands of instant coffee… I just haven’t messed around with them so I my opinion it moot.

@everhopeful… I just thought of a play on your name.

everblokeful… lol… I don’t mean it seriously


I like flavored coffee. I buy it from coffee gurme store. Regular coffeepowder is not the same. But at my friends place we gounded coffee beans and that was the best coffee i ever drank.

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I like my coffee on the weak side. If I have a coffee when out it’s usually a latte. When I had a cafetiere and was buying coffee for that I would buy the varieties labelled strength 2-3.

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