Stressed over things I can't talk about

i have high stress from things going wrong today…two things, not one…big things…one is settled…I am waiting to hear back if I am in trouble on the other thing…it has nothing to do with orders on commissions that I sold being mailed or anything like that…these are about bills…day eight stopping smoking man I don’t need this…!!


Good luck. Hang in there. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

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Sorry you’re having a rough day. On a positive note, 8 days without smoking is something to be proud of.

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thank you @Moonbeam it’s been easy since I’m scared out of my mind…just wish I didn’t have the stress…

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I thought you just posted about having more money and everything being good?

well I will give you a hint…my mom is leaving town for I don’t know how long and she is supposed to send me a check for the electric…if she doesn’t get my messages I will be late on my electricity…there…

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