Strategies for dealing with suicidal thoughts

I just had to lock a thread that immediately turned into a discussion of preferred suicide methods. That’s not a good thing in this community. Would rather direct the conversation in a more positive direction.

If anyone has found strategies for successfully coping with suicidal thoughts/impulses, please share them. If there are things that happened in your recovery that made you turn your back on suicide as an option, that would be great to hear about.

Looking for success stories on this topic, plz. :smile:

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I know that I am not the type of person to commit suicide. I may have thoughts that would lead me to believe that suicide is the best solution to my plight, but I fear the pain. I have no means to do it. I am not the type of person to commit suicide.

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I have a wooden keepsake box filled with slips of paper. Every time I have a success or an accomplishment I write it down on a piece of paper and put it in this box. When I am feeling down or that things are hopeless I sit down with a cup of tea and go through this box to remind myself that good things happen and that I can accomplish good things. It helps.

I had to upgrade to a bigger box a couple of years ago because I intially picked a very small one at the Dollar Store some years back, not thinking I would have very many successes when I was talked into doing this. I was wrong about that, so I bought a much bigger box this time around.



I love the success box idea. That could be used for a lot of things.

After my last and worst attempt… I tried my best to get better… but the emotions and everything were still a bit raw… shocked and shaken. I did try… but I had some days that I was still sinking.

My therapist made me try and be conscious of when I was engaging in negative self- talk and self bashing. I had to write down… for every one negative I had to find a positive.

Just being mindful of when I was self bashing… stop and turn it around… it helped me not feel so angry with myself. That did eventually help me get through some darkness. It wasn’t always easy… it took a lot of practice not to spiral into the self bashing.


Sorry to everyone for my post. Will say I’m alive today and don’t think about suicide any more. Took time to not slip into the “this should end mode.” Happened every night, then every couple days to every few to once a week to once a month. Throughout that time I found financial stability and the new year rolled around 2015. I glance over the topic sometimes but don’t really have any thoughts. If the will to live is stronger and your life has any activity at all you should begin to think more reasonably.

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When I told my pdoc that I’m suicidal she put me on Epitec which she said is a mood stabalizer. It still took a couple of months to break the suicidal ideation but I gradually overcame it. It’s now four years later and I’m not contemplating suicide anymore.


i tried it once and woke up in the mental hospital after they pumped out my stomach,

the thing that helped me was really a fluke tbh i phoned my friend and said goodbye and all of that and she must have sensed there was something wrong as i was staying at my parents that night in the spare room, and she came over while i was still conscious and got me in the car until i must’ve passed out in the car,

she must’ve really freaked :frowning: idk what happened tbh as i lost a few days, i wrote a note to my family and they didnt even know what was going on,

anyway idk really know what to suggest, the first thought i had was to put positive stickies like on the fridge door or the mirror to try and make you feel good about yourself, idk what else i could suggest

it only happened bc i was delusional and had a stomach ulcer, everything kind of added to it really, i thought i was going to die anyway but i thought it would be a horrible long drawn out thing so i convinced myself that it was the best thing to do, tbh i should’ve been hospitalized long before that.

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For me just acknowledging I am having suicidal thoughts is the first step in dealing with those bad times. Right enough mentioning this to a CPN can end up in a doctors evaluation but I have found that being honest with people helps me the most in the long run.

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National Hotline

I spent decades wishing that I was dead. Now that I’m in the quiet time of my life I really appreciate the lack of those thoughts. I wish I knew why they’re gone, but in any case I’m not complaining.


First off my thoughts jump to my family when considering suicide. My family loves and needs me. I could never leave them, even thinking about the disaster that would be makes me speechlessly upset.

Secondly they jump to the obligation I feel to not end my life when I’ve spent it all selfishly. I need to do something to help mankind, out of gratitude for the kindness people have shown me. I dont want to die before I’ve done that. I just can’t go knowing I’ve spent all my life serving no one but myself.

Thirdly I think of the fact that I have no idea what the future holds. I could meet my soulmate next week. I could make a world-changing discovery and become a famous scientist. I could write a best-seller book. A cure for mental illness could be discovered. The thing is, ANYTHING could happen, and to throw my life away without knowing what’s in store seems wasteful to me, like throwing out a present you haven’t opened. Maybe what’s inside is crappy, but maybe what’s inside is something you’ll really love. Either way, what good will it do you to toss it before you find out?

Those are the things that keep me from death.


Every moment of their life the could look to the reality that someone they loved had died. Not only died but decided to exit the world on their own.

When I attempted to take my life the next day my entire family gathered in the hospital. Tears in all their eyes. If I had done it they would have been left with that sadness, totally unknowing of the why.

■■■■ it. To intense. Love…

Anyways to know how long their lives would be. How long they would have to carry the memory, regardless of how they thought about it. It would bring them to close to the reality of death. To feel the absence.

Yeah I’d never do that. (Besides I might burn in hell… Or some people would think)

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i look at the reality of the situation. It’s costly to die of suicide, insurance doesn’t pay out in most cases which means that funeral expenses won’t be paid, and that will run the family 15,000-20,000 nowadays . I am a single mother of a twenty two year old girl who couldn’t afford that right now. My cat would have no one to look after her and once I am found her chances of being put down increase. Who’s going to get rid of all my stuff? No ones got time to take off of work to clear out my apartment and divvy up my goods. Not to mention the bills I will leave behind.