Strange Restaurant Encounter

I have come to expect strange restaurant encounters because the majority of my hallucinations these days happen in them. I think it’s due to my anxiety peeking in public. So when I went to a birthday dinner with family at a local restaurant I didn’t know what to expect. So the waitress had a name that I remembered from the 5th grade and seemingly right on cue I thought I heard her saying she was that person. Meanwhile behind me a loud birthday party was occurring behind me and I could have sworn they were talking about me. So I sat quietly trying to ignore everything and to be as calm as possible. I managed to make it through the meal without saying anything out of line. However of course my mind wandered for a few days about the “lost opportunity” and it took a while to clear it out. More than likely I actually was hallucinating and even if she was that lady there wasn’t much to say. I had a crush on her but didn’t know her very well and didn’t keep in touch either when she moved away decades ago. My mother told me she heard nothing unusual. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between what to do and what not to do.

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People say things when I’m at the grocery store, usually lies that you just want to scream at them about.

I used to have experiences like this while deeply psychotic. They rarely if ever happen to me now thankfully. Now i just have to deal with intense social anxiety without all the psychotic stuff added to the mix.

It happens to me too. I often think people are taking about me at restaurants. Go to a small restaurant with a loved one and they can confirm that it’s most likely not about you.

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