Strange quirks your pet does

Every living thing has their own quirks according to my friend. Well he said all people, but I’ll take it a step further and say all living creatures!

This is what Don juan does:

He plays with his water bowl like no other. He hits the side of it with his paw and knocks water onto the floor before drinking. I think he’s burying it or something not sure. Any ideas?

He also burys his food bowl with pieces of plastic and sheets… I think a lot of cats do this

I’m a pacer not a sitter but when I do sit down he sits on my lap every time right away it’s so cute… Not really a quirk but something he does

He wakes me up every night at around 2 AM until I wake up at 6 AM…

He plays with a toy through under the door and constantly locks him self in the bedroom that way

He built a Den under the sink with napkins as pillows

Every time I open the fridge he has to go inside

Every time I turn the water on he goes in the sink and drinks it

Every time I say you want some water or you want to eat, he goes running making this bird like noise even if he already has food and water…

And this is his new favorite spot.

doesn’t look like a comfortable spot to me…:eyes:

What does your pet do??


Freya likes to jump onto my bed as soon as she hears me go to bed.
She’ll insist on coming under the covers and licking my arms, until she suddenly has enough and goes to find a spot close by to sleep.

She’ll also meow whenever she enters a room with people in it, or someone enters a room she’s in, and she’ll wait a little and then meow again until you go and give her attention.

She’s adorable in her own way :smile:


I’m sure she is. Have we seen a pic of Freya??? Well I know I haven’t!!

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Maybe try to discourage this behavior and keep a watchful eye on him so he doesn’t accidentally get trapped inside the refrigerator. :scream_cat:


Whenever my cat gets his dose of catnip, sometimes he’ll run around in circles chasing his tail. When he gets tired he’ll go eat, ha.


Tiggy high fives.


Haha, here’s a few for you! :smile:


Haha youre right she is adorable in her own way. She looks to be a similar breed to Don Juan as well…


Don Juan seems adorable!
What a cute cat!


Thanks @wave!!! Don Juan really appreciates that!!! he’s a handful but he sure is cute and affectionate.


Gus thinks we’re very simpleminded and need things explained step by step. My favorite thing is how, when he wants his face petted, he sits on my chest and gently pets my face to demonstrate the desired behavior. I always stop petting him because it’s hilarious to me how he will patiently pet my face again until I get the message.

Claude is a conversational hisser. It’s how she says, “No, thank you” or “that was surprising” or “don’t move when I’m snuggling with you.” People who aren’t used to her find it alarming, but I love when she curls up with her head on my shoulder and hisses quietly at me, then purrs.


Haiku is a very scared dog. We are her fourth home, and she is an old girl- 12. We’ve had her for a year and a half. She had never been in a house when we got her. She was scared to come up to us at first, but now she very slowly inches her way closer to you to get attention, then demurely looks up at you as if to say, “Please pet me.” Once you stop petting her, she waves her paw at you. She will do this every single time you stop and will go all day. She also sleeps with just the tip of her tongue hanging out.

Mojo was never mistreated and has always had an indoor life, so to her, everything is roses. She likes to bounce- really bounce- up and down when she first sees you (but she is polite about it and doesn’t jump on you). When she gets excited, she starts snorting. She also shoves her cold, wet nose on you to get your attention. If you are petting her and she really gets worked up, she rolls over onto her back and starts wiggling around, kicking her paws in the air.


Haiku is a beautiful name for a pet!!! Great you gave her a good home. My therapists dog is 18 years old and still going strong. Unfreakingreal i think… My therapist also adopted that dog at an old age. But he’s defied all odds and lived a very long time for a dog.

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Don Juan looks to be shaping up to be a good acrobat. Nice balance to be standing like that. He’s grown a bit too.

My cat’s quirk, one of a few, is that he’s really, really… loud. He never shuts up, but we love him for that. At the vet? He’s a nervous wreck and never shuts up, just caterwauls the entire time!


My dog cuddles up to me a stares at me when he wants me to pet him. He rolls on his back when he wants his belly rubbed. He’s doing that right now.

He gets spurts of energy and runs around the house for a couple of minutes out of no where.

He’s a serious head turner. He always wants to know what I’m talking about. If you say, “do you wanna…”(fill in the rest like do this or that), he turns his head back and forth. I sometimes ask him several do you wannas. He’s often very interested in what I’m saying.

He knows when someone is coming over. I tell him when someone is coming over or when grandma is coming home and he gets on the back of the couch and looks out the window. He bays when he knows who it is.

He loves sitting on the back of the couch looking out the window. He often howls at nothing.

He dances for food. Whoever owned him before me taught him that.

He knows what dinner, breakfast and lunch are and gets really excited.


My cat also likes it under the Xmas tree!


Awww! That’s sweet! Haiku kept trying to get under our Christmas tree because it was in her normal spot, but all she succeeded in doing was furring up and drooling on the tree skirt and knocking down ornaments. She is a 45 lb. Border Collie and doesn’t fit under there!

Bullet slobbers. He has allergies

My cat, Simba, who is 15 years old, won’t eat anything but kibble. You can put a raw juicy steak in front of him and he won’t touch it. He won’t chase mice either. My cat also hardly never sleeps. He’s a sentinel. He’s always sitting around staring at me. Just staring. All of the time. I call him my “sentinel”. I guess pets are like their owners. I don’t sleep, and neither does he. He hates it when I climb into bed to sleep. He bites at my feet, and then, when I am settled, he bites at my wrists to try to arouse me up out of bed. Then, when I am sleeping, he sleeps on top of me. Simba has a weak stomach. He is always puking up hairballs all of the time. I give him special hairball food and that helps quite a bit. He’s never been sick or injured in his life otherwise. He has a lot of mats in his fur right now. I don’t have a car to get him to a groomer and he won’t let me groom him. (He bites). I have to find a muzzle somewhere for him and buy an electric shaver and do it myself. A local veterinarian/groomer wants to anesthetize him and charge $350. to groom him. That is outrageous.

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Nick is a cat but likes sleeping in the sink! So silly. Sometimes he won’t get out until I turn on the water and then he is like, well, I guess I’ll get out now… He still is not fast about getting out of there.

Ivan is a naughty guy. He is always looking for pipe cleaners to swallow. I never know where he finds them all. One time he tried to swallow a pom-pom and was making a weird sound. I had to pry it from his mouth. The pipe cleaners and pom-poms come from the kids’ crafts. I try to hide them all, but somehow he always manages to find some. I just hope he doesn’t get hurt :frowning: