Strange behaviour

My aunt has been acting weird. Telling uncle he steals and phoning my bro and texting him to tell him he is a drug dealer and stealing money from a safe we don’t know about. Buys a washing machine and if it don’t work she just keeps ordering new ones. Im think it’s dementia but she refuses to see a dr. She only ever believed in herbal medicines and was always super health conscious. I can’t believe this is happening to her.

I never knew we had schizophrenia in the family when I was getting diagnosed. Could have helped heaps but it was all a secret and we never spoke to that side of the family.

You can’t help those genetics and there’s other things for older folk! Could be some early dementia but you never know. All’s I know is it’s no good for anyone less the sufferer!

She needs to see a doc!

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She’s not blood related to me

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Yeah no drama but still needs to see doctor. It’s sad when people get ill for all concerned!

Just assumed and you never can do that in this environment! Thanks for the headsup @anon80629714 !

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