Still can't find my keys after looking for them FOR HOURS

Yesterday I lost my keys to my apartment and my car. But the thing is, they must be inside my apartment because I can’t get inside without them? Unless I left them in the door and someone stole them but I don’t know who would do such a thing!!! And I don’t think I did that… Anyways I called my dad last night, he has a spare set of keys for both functions…the car and the apartment. So he drove over and gave them to me. But it’s nice to have a backup, besides my car key I have now is manual rather than automatic. He said to get my mazda keys duplicated its like $100 or $300 or something…not sure I understood him completely. But damn do I hope I find those keys!!! Unless don juan knocked them behind the fridge or something…


I think u dropped it some where .

Please check ur pants…there may be hole in it…

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Man I looked in all my pants!!! They must be inside. I looked everywhere. I just checked behind the fridge and stove and no luck either there. I don’t get where they could have gone!?!?!? If I never find them this mystery will bother me for years!!

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Good luck finding them! :slight_smile:
I’ve locked my keys in my apartment a couple of times. The locksmiths wouldn’t come and help me out because my card was inside the apartment as well, and they apparently wanted to get paid up front, so I ended up kicking the door in both times, and just paying for the damages instead.

A friend of mine recently lost his mailbox keys, and he doesn’t have spares, so he’s kind of frustrated because his landlord always takes forever to reply when he contacts him, because he’s “busy” with his other company. Yet he is quick to come knocking when the rent is late. Grrr.

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Replacement keys are crazy expensive.

What I would do is clean the apartment.

Clean every little part, clean behind and under every piece of furniture, all of it.

At least if you don’t find the keys your place will look nice, and you’ll probs find other stuff.

All I can suggest is retrace your steps, which I’m sure you’ve done.

Sorry, homie, that sucks a lot.

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Yeah I was going to suggest retrace your steps. Did you grab a snack on your way in? They might be in the fridge or snack cabinet. They will probably show up in a strange place. Good you had spares. Car replacement keys are very expensive.

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Man that’s bad. I just always make sure I have my phone, wallet and keys safe.

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Did you look INSIDE the refrigerator? I once couldn’t find my keys until I opened the refrigerator and there they were, lol.

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they’ll probably turn up then… :slight_smile:

@johnbiggy… thanks for being so supportive. You’ve always surprised me with your friendliness. Not a lot of us are still here from back then… Glad you’re still around!

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Lol ppl thank you for all your help I found them under the oven haha



When I first read that I thought you said that you found your keys in the oven…lol

I’m glad you found them.