Steel String or Nylon String?

I thought I’d throw out a musing that I have as a guitarist. Do you prefer the steel string or nylon string guitar? I’ve got mixed feelings, but I thought it would be a nice Fall discussion. I guess steel has more volume and clearer tone while the nylon string has a softer tone.


I prefer steel.

ditto I like bronze wrapped acoustic strings…best acoustic strings for me are actually martin marquis acoustic strings and they last a good while. I rock ernie ball yellow package electric strings.

I too like bronze wrapped Martin strings…saving up for a Takamine 12 string…should have it around spring time…

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I prefer Steel :guitar:

I like both. I prefer nylon strings on wide-necked guitar. For my standard acoustic though, I much prefer the sound and feel of the steel.

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Martin steel acoustic strings are the best for use with a plectrum but I prefer to fingerpick with nylons.

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Phospher bronze on acoustic.

Ghs boomers on electric.

I love the low end on nylon strings, the e a and d strings are fanstastic, but i don’t like the other ones really.

And i gotta have my 1.14 tortex jazz iii picks.

Although all that i do now is sit around and smoke and think about killing myself and how shitty the world is.

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Just rocked my Jazz Rig, big sound from a big package, steel btw

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i have an acoustic i never use and only know a few chords (whats the point is what i say)

i got fed up with that just like i got fed up with everything else

maybe i should have tried bass first lol

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I thirst for new songs on the guitar and banjo and am getting out my Beatles songbook for the banjo and I forgot how easy it is to play out of the book…sounds just like banjo beatles…haha…

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