New strings!

The strings on my Gibson SG were dead, so I finally changed them. Threw on a Pyramid Pure Nickel 11-50 set and now it’s good to go.
I love the sound of new strings!


Congrats @eighteyedspy23!
I have an old acoustic guitar that I rarely play.

Im a beginner.

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@eighteyedspy23 that’s a nice axe. What type of music do you play?

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I was in a punk band in the late eighties/early 90’s called Hunger Farm @Cragger. Put out a couple of 7 inchers, an album and appeared on a Flipside compilation. You can find most of the music on Bandcamp, YouTube and different sites that offer free downloads.
Did some home recordings in 2001 and maybe 2007 and put them on under the name Trash Martyr.

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