Stay up or not

Stay up tonight or go to bed
I will stay up later than usual but don’t think I’ll make it to midnight


I’ll make it to midnight cos I have to celebrate with my family. I am really sleepy though

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I always stay up until past midnight. I go to bed around 1230 or 130 am. I get up late every morning. That’s just my habit. I’ve never been a morning person.


I take my meds at 8 but today I will aim towards 10. Once I take them I am literally useless, the sedation just makes me lie in bed and not want to get up.

No way!

I haven’t stayed up or gone out for NYE in a while.

I’m making a nice steak dinner for my husband and I,

We’ll have some champagne,

Then probs fall asleep around 10pm.

Sounds perfect to me, I’d rather start the new year out with an early wake up and jog than a sleepy hangover.

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well I’m on the verge of beating this head cold I have so I don’t want to tempt fate by drinking but I plan on sitting up to midnight anyways…and my Oklahoma Sooners play in the Rose Bowl tomorrow at four pm central…don’t miss it …we are going to be champions this year !!

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