Starting a self help group

I’m going to start a self help group for people experiencing psychotic episodes. There is nothing like this at all where I live.

Anyone have ideas or warnings of what subjects we should talk about and what to stay away from? I don’t want it to become a group where people compete about who is most ill. We all have our own challenges.

Subjects to talk about are:

My fears
What makes me happy
What I hope for
Physical health

Can you find more subjects I can show the group? We chose what subjects we want to talk about together.


I’ve tried this but really didn’t find others locally here to make up a group.

I have non profit organization with me on this. I know 5 people who would benefit from this. But I have not asked them yet if they are interested. It’s just an idea so far.

Nami has a support group here in the area but they run it like alcoholic anonymous, I hated that and only went a few times.

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I’ve asked for support groups for more than a year. They say “Use google”. I know, it is bizarre. But they have cut down so much on psychiatric care here.

You could add ‘exercise’, many people do not exercise and they get fat, this could be a way to help people to lose some extra weight.

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It seems to me that anyone facilitating a group such as the mention would have to have had a period of time out of psychiatric facilities,and be doing really well in the program. Perhaps I could attend via video conference telechat

Something like online psychosis support groups in realtime chat

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Like then na and aa groups narcotics anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous online meetings

My life always seems to have been unmanageable for me myself and I

I think it’s great that you’re starting a group. One thing you guys might be able to do is get a list of various therapy providers in your area, in case someone is looking for a good doctor or therapist.


Family relationships. When I helped start a group couple years ago the first time we met we came up with rules for the group. It was a group project to come up with the rules. Like don’t interrupt others, no cell phones, limiting speaking time so as not to monopolize the group, etc…

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Thank you guys for all the tips. Never thought of online meeting. That is the next step when I have learned to handle a group.

this website is a forum template website

used to have chat section and blog section used to be better

Im actually joining an alliance for the mentally ill. I am going to shoot to be a mentor. I am pretty high on the schizophrenia spectrum and have learned how to defeat it well. Anyone can win.

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