Started taking weight loss tablets

I have started taking weight loss tablets to reverse the weight gain caused by my antipsychotic medication, I am taking a fat binder type which has the same ingredient as the one you can get prescribed by a doctor.
Has anyone had much success with this type of tablet?

Can you not exercise and eat healthy to maintain your weight?


I wouldn’t take those things. Sorry I know that’s not the answer you want.


I wouldn’t take stuff like that either :frowning:


Be careful, I heard if you eat too much fat while on them you will poop out orange slimy stuff as it blocks fat absorption so the fat will go right through you!

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If it is a fat binder then it attracts the fat you eat. It is not changing your metabolism, but literally taking the fat you eat and clogging it up to defecate. I don’t see anything wrong with that personally.

The drugs that change your metabolism have been proven to be physically dangerous. I would avoid those though.

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Anal leakage is a common side effect of that drug. If that’s not enough of a turn off I don’t know what would be!

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wow that is horrid thinking about it !!!

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With weight loss tablets they only work alongside a healthy diet that’s what I heard

I’ve heard really good things about vivslim, and I kind of want to try it, but it has the potential to make psychosis worse. There’s a mom’s group I’m in on FB, though, and a bunch of them have tried it and rave about it, so I’m curious. Can’t take it while breastfeeding, though, so I’ll have to wait.

I am thinking of asking my doctor if I can have a Beta-blocker so I can reduce the dose of Chlorpromazine that I need to take, as it is the Chlorpromazine that is making me fat.
I am not sure what Beta-blocker I should take, I guess it would be Propranolol as it seems the most common one for the physical symptoms of anxiety.
The weight loss tablets do cause the poo to be very oily, and I haven’t taken any today.

I’m sorry to tell you this, but weight loss pills are just a cash grab.
They are usually just caffeine pills, and sometimes they have extracts from herbs and things that claim to reduce appetite.
The only way to successfully lose weight is to eat less and move more.
Try eating healthy, and simply going for a walk, every day. That’s a good place to start.
Good luck with your weight loss. :slight_smile:

It’s borderline negligent to not tell people that Alpha Lipoic Acid can prevent weight gain from antipsychotic.

I use Doctors Best R-ALA 100 mg, it works way better than regular ALA for me.


Hey @Gnash this is news to me, I can’t thank u enough for posting this. Weight gain for me was like 70 lbs. so far I’ve lost 50 of it but I’ve had to diet extremely and literally run 10 miles every other day just to lose 1-2 lbs a week. Can u tell me more about it? I read the article and I’m going to order what u use currently. In the article it said 600-800 mg but u only use 100, what should I do? The only way I can avoid weight gain is by keeping a ketogenic diet which is really lame. When do U take it and what effects have u noticed?

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Hello @anon20742722

I never took R-ALA for fat loss, I read an article saying that a combination of ALA and ALCAR improved the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. The article was actually from this site, in the vitamin section.

At the time I was taking 600-1200 mg of ALA, but I ended up getting thiamin deficiency. It happens to some people who take ALA. So R-ALA requires a smaller dose: 100mg is equivalent to 300mg of the regular stuff.

I can only recommend Stabalized R-ALA because of my personal experience.

Also, the way that ALA prevents weight gain is that it works on the receptor that the anti-psychotics mess with. It directly reverses this. It’s in some article, if you’re willing to search for it. Just read the introduction. The other thing it does is help regulate blood sugar.

Best of look @anon20742722

Thanks so much. U have no idea how much this helps I’ve been dreading the new med I have to start soon just in fear my life is gunna be over bc of weight gain and maybe diabetes. If it wasn’t for this site idk what I’d do. And on top of that docs NEVER mention supplements or anything. Same thing goes with b vitamins for the increased appetite!


I tried this and it was a bad idea!! Let’s just put it that way… And it didn’t work. Only dieting and exercising worked.

Did you try R-ALA, or something else? What was your dosage? What medication? Maybe it’s a different receptor?

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