Spring is coming

Spring is coming and I am glad that I’ll be able to ride my bicycle when the bicycle paths will melt. Currently there is a lot of ice and I have not been able to ride my bicycle for over one month. I have gained some weight. I try to distant myself from the current world news because there is so many negative news. Just three weeks ago the world was quite a peaceful place. I am also waiting for the sun to shine more, receive some vitamin D. The winter has been quite stressful but I hope that the coming spring will bring more happiness and peace. I have understood that I am just a little lonely human being and the world news is so much bigger than I am. I like my life in this small city in eastern Finland and I try to be positive. I wish you all are also happy and peaceful.


Today’s been a lovely, sunny day. I went out today with my friend, we went for a walk, had some tea and talked. I love spring. I am waiting to get my bike out as well! I feel like coming alive after the long winter. To me the spring is time of hopeful thoughts and feelings :slight_smile: I live in the south of Finland as well.


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