The sun is shining

I woke up already at 6 am today. The sun was rising then. It is a beautiful sunny morning. I wish I could ride my bicycle but I can not because the bicycle paths are frozen. I hope that ice melts soon. I have decided not to watch the world news because these news make me to feel bad and I have all kinds of distressed thoughts in my mind. I like when the sun is shining. I have not ridden my bicycle for over one month now because of ice. The world can be a nice place, if we want it to be. I would like to travel to Saint Petersburg, but this is not possible due to the coronavirus pandemic and other negative world news. I even got my new passport. Well, I’ll just stay in my little town. I am quite unsocial and I have not been able to create any friendships during these 20 years that I have been here. I know some people but they are more casual contacts. Many people have passed away which makes me feel sad. Well, life goes on and I am going to have my candle light ritual later on this Friday evening. I wish you all are okay.


Wishing you well too @mjseu. Not long now and you will be back on your bicycle.

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I was able to ride my bicycle today. The bicycle paths were mostly okay although there was some ice. This was very refreshing and good for my mind, exercising is good for us. I also saw 10 people whom I know which was good because I did socialize with them little, we exchanged some words and nobody spoke about the current world crisis, which was great. People are starting to come outside after this long and quite stressful winter. I am going to ride my bicycle more in the weekend because the weather is going to be quite warm. Spring is coming and this is great.


Yep a good old fashioned bike ride in a nature setting makes the news blues go away for a moment.

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