Sports is good,but I want to stop the urge of playing sports

I love soccer,but when playing it I always get injured.I feel playing soccer gets me stimulated and relaxed but the injury last a month or two and I injured my toe eight months ago and now it’s not yet recovered and I am thinking of going back.I am a unsocialable person,soccer lets me play with people without needed to talk.

I play soccer games and watch soccer on tv,but I prefer playing then watching.I have got injured like over ten time’s for the past ten years because of soccer and needing to rest a month of it.Which means I rested ten month because of it.I love gaming,probably more then soccer.Gaming is injury free…anyone had any idea how to stop the urge of playing sports?

I mean you can still play but just take it easy when you do

I am taking it very easy before the last injury.I am not sure why I still injured myself in the end.

risk of injury is why i have stopped playing basketball. im always turning my ankle, and fear i’ll tear an acl in my knee as i get older. but i still can workout without injury, although i have to lift light. now i just get my sports fix on tv, watching basketball, or soccer or something.

im not that competitive anymore, and have outgrown my childhood love of sports some. so it hasnt been too much of a transition for me to quit playing.

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