Spoke to my psychiatrist

Ok. I’ll look into it. Thanks @sweetpotatofries .

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Thanks @sweetpotatofries for the link! To make it easier, I’m going to try following the Mediterranean diet. There’s lots of recipes out there for it. I’ll see how I feel after a while

@anon55031185 , do you think 2 oz of lean, skinless poultry several days per week is ok? Poultry can cause inflammation but is allowed on the Mediterranean diet. I’m asking because my husband is refusing to eat meatless more than once per week and other than tuna, I hate seafood. We rarely eat red meat.

I think it’s okay because it’s lean. Fish is good for you, too. But I understand if you don’t like it. Ground turkey is very good, too.

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Ok. Thanks for the tips @anon55031185

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