hi @admin, i didnt know where to post this but i wanted to ask about spell check on this software, i get really annoyed when i make a spelling mistake and i was hoping that there was something that could help me put apostrophes in words like cant, dont, havent bc it really annoys me, also other words that are easy to correct would be amazing,


Apostrophes are to do with punctuation and i am not sure there’s a punctuation checker. However if one uses firefox as a browser there’s a built in spell checker .
A spell checker built into the forum software would be a good for those reluctant to use firefox.


i’m sure the old forum software had something like that for punctuation and spelling and it was handy.


I tested the old forum software by using the spell check. I deliberately spelt a word wrong and failed to put an apostrophe in a word . It picked up the misspelt word but not the punctuation error, suggesting it’s sole aim is spell checking.

Re grammar and punctuation: i found