Sorry you had to read that

That city limit of lucid town is a fine line. I think I blurred it. I’m sorry that 45 of you had to read a long post of paranoid babble.

When ever I go on a long long rant about kidnappers, it’s never good. No matter how adamant I am, how I think I’m being normally concerned, or how much I think I’m perfectly justified… If it has the word kidnapper in it, then I’m on my way out of lucid town.

For future reference, how do you delete a post a few days after, when one gets back in their head and wishes they never posted it.

dont worry jay, it happens to the best of us

maybe admin can delete it idk

or you can leave it as a reminder of ‘how not to act’ in the future lol
i have many ‘how not to act’ posts on the old forums lol

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Hi James - glad to see you’re doing better and back on. Sorry you went through such a rough patch.

A suggestion for getting rid of the post – you could go into edit mode and just delete what you typed. This should work, but would probably be best if the moderators could get rid of it if others had responded.


Thank you for that.

I’m feeling better I think. I deleted the text and turned it into this post. Wow, I can’t believe I just spent most of the weekend trying to put my sis through kidnapper training again. She can rest easy… after a good nights sleep finally and getting cooled down… I can see that the kidnapper training center is a no go.

Along with a host of other mental glitches… I feel like I’m just coming around from the hard day after the mother of all hangovers. Still trying to get my balance and think straight.


Glad so see you are feeling better. Please don’t feel bad about posting when your head circus is acting up. We are here to support you through good and bad. It doesn’t change how we feel about you. We all have difficult times.

On a side note if you want a post/thread deleted maybe PM SZadmin and myself and other mods and whoever sees it first can probably delete it for you. Lately I have only been on in the mornings as hubby is around :smile: but within 24 hours one of us should see it and respond.


Thank you for that. My sis was thinking of P.M.-ing you and humbly requesting that it be taken down, but I was still a bit adamant that this was a great idea. But then I was thinking of PM-ing you, but I didn’t want to overstep my bounds.

Thank you for the reassurance that if I get too far out there, stuff can be wiped if requested.

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Hey J. Glad you’re doing better. I was thinking of you and your sis.

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Thank you for the kind thoughts. I’m feeling much better.

I just took my morning meds, and the cool breeze just hit the building… ahhhhh… much better. :cloud:


Most posts get buried in two or three days.