My post disappeared

I posted a topic about 10 mins ago but I don’t see it. I think they (the government) deleted it.

please try to not believe any of that…the moderators might have moved it.

This post?

@turningthepage, YES! That’s it!! Thank you

@jukebox, thank you.

now it seems an issue of NOT seeing things


Dang. Sorry. The mods are much friendly than they used to be. I’m surprised it got deleted.

@Stillperkin, Turningthepage found it for me! :slight_smile:

Your account shows no deleted posts. They are not actually deleted, they are just hidden from non-moderators and non-administrators on these forums. I wish the government was deleting posts – it would lighten my workload considerably. :smile:

Edit: Closing since issue is resolved and moving to Meta since it involves forum problems.

Volunteer moderator.

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