Sorry I gave misleading information

my books first forty pages are no longer on the home page of this site…sad. I understand…it’s a very successful site and they have to do what’s best.

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That only makes it even more impressive that your sales are picking up.


hey @ninjastar that’s right isn’t it ?? didn’t think of it that way…we will see…I think it was just my latest plug on here that did it…plus I posted it on facebook and a lot of my family are buying it…


That’s impressive you wrote a book @jukebox. If I had the concentration yo read I’d buy it. Actually does it come in paperback or just online? If it’s paperback I’ll buy a copy if you link. Schizophrenics supporting schizophrenics type of thing.

why thank you !! I will certainly post a link…it is in paperback…you can buy it used it’s cheaper than new.

Will you still get a percentage if I buy used?

I’m thinking about buying two copies and giving one to library. I’ll call on Monday to see if that’s possible.

I gave a copy to my library…I think you could if you want. no I don’t make royalties on used books…sorry the kindle was taken away…

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