Sorry for all the speeches but I believe in all this strongly ✌️

Artists or alternative people or people with mental illness or all three struggle in this country yeah ok they might not be working the 8 to 5 slog some may be but they still have feelings and dreams possibly more so than others but they are restricted by a culture of ignorance yeah ok ignore the hatters but your in the minority don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect very far from it but I ain’t in denial I fight my dark side everyday I wanna be positive and have immaculate infinite perception but I’m human and the mind is distracted and vulnerable and basically just flesh that will one day decay with the worms. We all make mistakes I have made many and continue to make them does that make me bad no it makes me human. I am someone who tries everyday to beat negativity and pessimism and miss perception. Maybe I just think too much and most people are too caught up in there own life juggle but always consider the outsider the hobo the artist as another human with possibilities someone who is contributing through art (new perspective, new ideas) and hopefully and open mindedness for a new generation.