Sometimes one offs happen

Struck lucky .


What does it all mean ? :astonished: I’m confused (as usual)

It was a high range verbal IQ test.

168 =99.9997094213% percentile .


Congratulations @firemonkey!

It may not be as good as it seems. As 3 of us,who have posted our scores, have got165,172 and 168 on the test .

The other 2 who posted their scores are without a doubt more intelligent than me .

Can you give us an example of question appearing in this test? If confidentiality / non-disclosure restrictions apply, you can make up one, just so we can get a feeling.

Cat:miaow : Dog: ?

Answer (growl)

A little bit harder than that though.

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@Andrey Not the test I did but check out Gene verbal III for a similar test .

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Why are you so obsessed with these tests.

It’ s probably an Asperger’s thing . It’s not hurting you , or anyone else here , so no harm done.

Contrary to what people may think I don’t do well at a lot of things . So,yes, something like this is an ego boost . I’m not going to deny that .

Some people respond in a good way. Pleased that you’ve done well . Others though like to diminish your achievement . Those are the mean spirited people .

I’m not trying to diminish your acheivment you seem to post these things a lot and yes it’s not hurting anyone so carry on. Didn’t know it was because of your aspergers. My partner is aspergers.

I won’t deny I post them quite a lot. I could also post about genealogical DNA and about politics. But the latter is a no go subject here.

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