Sometimes I wonder about miracles

But then I think, no this is not good thinking because it gets obsessive

So I tell myself not to care

It is whatever it is…

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What kind of miracle are you hoping for?

Sometimes I wonder if I can be a participant in some (?)natural events.


or it might just be parallel events but maybe they are linked somehow in a non cause and effect way


would that not be cool though… :exploding_head:

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At the same time I really don’t care

There are miracles that happen around me all the time. I am synchronized to the environment. Nature, TV, music, the temperature, etc.

Numerology. Don’t ever find out what it is, nature (devil) might play a game with you.

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Sounds like you may possibly be psychotic

That’s what happened when I was psychotic

How did you get out of it?

I took my meds and looked at evidence based scientific research papers. And Co operated with my pdoc and cpn.

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Do you take an antipsychotics

I was on Olanzapine. I quit, it made me too tired. I take Suboxone and Librium. Almost detoxed from both though.

What do you take?

What is cpn? SS number? My synchronizations started with the last 4 of my Social Security number, my ex wife’s birthday, and my daughters birthday. All the same. It is real to me.


So your pdoc is OK if you’re not on meds?

He gives them to me but I don’t take them.

LOL voices telling me I am not psychotic.

“You are not psychotic. I’m sorry Chuck, I am just overbearing.”

Good luck, it might get worse… If you don’t stick to one antipsychotics.

Up to you

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Thanks, hope you get some nice miracles in your life too.

Where are you from?

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UK, and what about you??

Augusta Georgia… can’t do much of anything until I get this extra man/woman out of my head.

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Ahh sorry to hear that… That really sucks.

its a miracle i am still alive