Something you're proud of

I was proud of this term. I used to skip class too much.


That’s a lot of science!

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I know. All that and I ended up poor. I would have been better off becoming an accountant and it would have been easy.

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Wow. Very smart Charla.

I wish I did programming.

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It’s still impressive though.

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I did emergency care, physical therapy, nutrition, research methods, human anatomy, human physiology, pathophysiology, cell biology, neuroscience, psychology, biomechanics etc at university. I love science. I got A+ 99% in a psychology class, Brain&Behavior, I got 4.3 GPA, class is 2.86, I was #1:


Sometimes I really believe I could have worked as a physiotherapist or even a Dr.


I guess I should focus on the present and forget the past, its for my own good.

@anon6551389 What were you studying? Did you get your degree? I got mine but I can’t work or even volunteer :frowning:

I had a piece of popcorn stuck in my teeth for a week. I finally got it out two days ago. I’m proud. This is going in my diary.


That’s really good. You must have a different system. Where I went, the highest grade or GPA was 4.0.

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Congratulations. I know it’s obnoxious. I just get mad listening to people’s bull about me everyday.

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My major was Medical Technology. Now, they call it Clinical Laboratory Science. I got my degree, but didn’t do an internship, which cut down my opportunities. A couple places I worked had bad conditions. I didn’t stay in the field that long.


That’s really good. I think I could have gotten into Medical school, if I would have made school a priority. I had terrible anxiety problems.


Hey, mine was just a joke. I saw an opportunity and made a joke. It was nothing personal and doesn’t take away from your accomplishment, which is quite impressive.

After all, a lot of times you have to blow your own horn because no one else will, right?

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I worked very diligently in college but ended up failing when I decided to rest on my laurels.

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I got a lot of community service awards and recognition. Some standard. I even got a few scholarships. Not a lot, but decent. This was like 12 years ago. I dropped out of college back then with a useless major. Sort of like English (Math). No offense.

I would have done better doing engineering or computer science. Even business or economics. My grades sucked and I was pushing my abilities to the max trying to understand undergraduate math at a top university. The problem was they were using textbooks for graduate students even though they were normal classes. I think if I went to an easier school in my area, I would have done better and had less stress and might have graduated. I might have learned more too like absorbed more despite the lower quality of education. I wasn’t doing good with psychosis at all. I couldn’t tell what was real and I lost my sanity. I couldn’t read and keep up with the course work so I bailed lol.

I cannot make money off math unless I tutored. It’s hard to get a good tutoring job at a company because I don’t have SAT scores nor do I have a degree. The competition is there. Plus, I struggle. I could do private tutoring but I don’t like it. I cannot even do basic hygiene tasks so I’m in no condition to work. I have a severe addiction to energy drinks that seems impossible to quit.

Economics is great for stock market and trading because of theory and technical aspect. Business is useful because it’s easy and you can learn or master accounting or even finance.

Even statistics seems useful and sexy.

I would have loved to have been an electical engineer or computer engineer. Same thing with computer science. Lots of money and plus you learn to be a man and independent like building stuff with your hands. Like being self sufficient. I struggle now with changing oil. I probably couldn’t even do it because my dad never let me and thus I never learned ■■■■ from him at all. My step father is teaching me stuff my real father neglected. It’s sad.

If I ever go back to school, I’ll do online computer science. Not sure if I can even do it. The money is there (mostly in free money and loans) but I don’t know if I can mentally and physically do it anymore. It’s daunting. I don’t even know if I could work or get a job. If I did, it would be online and remote. Not really something I could get especially at a small company.

My best and most unique scholarship with math tutor of the year. It really shocked me because there were many other choices – some better than me.

I know, I would have made a lot more money, doing something easy.

hi. i taught myself my profession all by myself just about. i read cataloging manuals and learned everywhere i could learn.

now i know how to catalog books quite well.

i am proud of this accomplishment. this is also my sole profession right now. judy

p.s. nice thread. thanks for asking. :star_struck: :relaxed: :kissing_closed_eyes: :upside_down_face: :smile:

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So much science… Love it…

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