Something weird happened on the bus

The bus was crowded so i moved my bookbag for this older lady (around 50 or so) to sit nezt to me. Her boyfriend was on the other side of her. She almost immediately put her hand on my leg, i thought she was grabbing something out of her pocket at first but her hand just rested there. So i pushed it off of me. She aaid aomething, i wasnt listening. Then she continues touching me periodically like with her elbows and her hands and i moved as far from her as i could ans got off the bus soon after.
Weird people are weird…


Sounds like you did well not to completely freak out.

I would have hated that

She clearly doesn’t respect other peoples personal space


She had problems. There but for the grace of god go I.

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I once had a phlebotomist lean towards me and place her arm on my leg.
She kept it there the whole time.
I was uncomfortable.


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