Something very odd

so the other day i ordered a video game for my son. today i went to check on the delivery date and i couldn’t find it in my account. i checked my bank account and couldn’t find the order there either. no refund was there either…it’s ;ike the whole order was just erased from history! i dunno, maybe the site just didn’t register the transaction? even though i went through the whole process of ordering it. wtf!

must be the ghost in the machine :wink: haha

Well,sounds like you made a mistake while ordering. Maybe you didn’t click on “finish”. Or “complete order”. If there’s no record of it then you can re-order it.

I have seen my son order things online and it take up to a week or more to be processed and show on his bank account.

If you got it from Amazon, sometimes they go with a third party supplier.

So you order if from Amazon, they turn around and order it from the other party and it doesn’t show up in Amazon process until Amazon gets the item and can then process the order.

This also happens with Amazon when they run out of something. The order on hold sort of disappears until the item is in stock again. As long as the money isn’t gone from your account, then basically they figure no harm no fowl. Except you want that game for your son.