Something Cheery... A Surfing Seal


It’s cute !

Funny how they warn about touching wild seals…it seems to me the seal decided it would touch wild humans… hmm??

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Here is the video embedded:


This is funny to me. I remember when a seal was hanging in the surf when my sis and I were trying to brush up our skills.

It kept barking and distracting her and she kept falling off her board. Funny for me. Harbor Seals are pretty friendly and curious.


Saw that on the news the other day thought it was kind of funny.

when my dad was fit and he use to go down by the river there was a seal that use to hang around and it was called sammy. sammy the seal, i think i saw it once maybe but not up close. i like seals a lot. i’d love to live near the water and have one as a pet if i could. :fish: :smile:

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In Alaska the Sea Lions sometimes follow the boats and even the kayaks… Considering they can be over 10’ long and weigh in at 2000 + pounds that becomes a concern in a smaller craft…they are playful though I don’t think I’d want to be in the water with one wanting to ‘play’ in case it decided to play rough… I used to feed them fish scraps from the pier…that’s fun…
One guy was wearing an orange rain jacket once and sitting on the dock…well Sea Lions love red rockfish… so the guy got a bite taken out of the back of his jacket…that’s a bit too close !

Here’s a good one… this Sea Lion is being nice…

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Here in puget sound… You probably remember that we have the J pod and the K pod of Orcas…

sometimes when the J pod glides in, there are reports of seals jumping into boats in order not to get eaten.

I’ve always wished a seal would jump in our boat, but it’s never happened to us.

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I never actually saw them there…only on the Ferry to AK and in the waters in SE AK… but I know the seals come to shore when they are around…

Here’s an awesome vid, though I wouldn’t say this sea Lion is ‘attacking’ the kayaker…its just hungry and they WILL beg fish like that…