Someone posted that we weren't worthy to be living

I was on a Catholic forum and I discovered a post that questioned why God would place mentally ill and developmentally disabled people in this world if they will never know God.

And then the post was basically about why they even exist and why God will make them violent, etc.

I spent 3 hours responding to that thread.

It baffles me that people still think we’re dangerous and we’re unworthy to live.

For the love of God. Will they ever be happy until that they get rid of me?


I hope you corrected them!

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I told them that their post was really ableist.

I have lost my count of fu*ks.


I’m proud of you for calling them out on their bs.

I held my breath and didn’t say that this person was a total ■■■■■■■…I tried to be as polite as possible.


If these people are staunch Catholics it really doesn’t surprise me that they have these opinions to be honest.

Religion is not my favourite thing in the world. We could do without this kind of extremism

I’m a Catholic- some Catholics are extreme though. But it was basically this OP and the other Catholics calling out on his BS.

I think we won against the OP.


I am Catholic as well, but that was just how I was raised.

In no way do I practise.

The problem with it is I believe these things need to be understood, but they’re history, and things have moved on.

In particular, I dislike their views on gay people, and it makes me feel sorry for them that they still can have this prejudice when they claim to be forgiving etc.

It doesn’t help the situation

I don’t think we’re supposed to talk about religion here.

I’ll let you know how this OP responds back to my long post. I hope he wakes up from having internalized stigma.

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I think that even very low functioning people have the right to live and have their ways to connect with people and God if he exists.

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I agree. 151515

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All we can do is inform others that their opinions are mis-guided and/or stupid. They have to take that criticism on board unfortunately

I tried to be gentle as much as I can. But I honestly was so upset when I was reading this post of his.

Reminder to keep cool about the religion. It upsets some members and leads to drama. Keep it cool.


I went out with a woman years ago that dumped me in the end cos her “Happy Clappy” “church” said i was cursed by god cos i was schizophrenic lol. Usual lot of “fainting” cos of the “spirit” and associated bollox.

Nevermind i spent the most part of my childhood in a Cathedral Choir. A Proper High Church! Fcking self-rightous hypocrites the lot of them lol.

/End moan lol :smiley:

There are religious people who aren’t really charitable. However, there are some religious people who are really kind. I myself was surrounded by a group of kind people who were of same faith as I was.

And I have a feeling this thread is going to get locked…

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Yep your right it will get locked!. lol

Im atheist these days anyway haha.

There need not be a book on how to be a nice person.

A nice person in 2020 is empathetic towards the disabled, which is why we have welfare as an acknowledgement that we need help, but we’re not lost causes

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If you think it’s over the line then it usually is. Couple of flags on this thread so it’s pushing the boundaries.

It’s important to have frank discussions on things and I think this wasn’t out of the ballpark but remember there’s always people here to get triggered by things like this. Yes. It’s important to fight stigma but we have our rules.

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