Someone keeps flagging my posts

to a certain extent, but major mental illness is accompanied by addiction

and it could use some support too.

I know we’re allowed to talk about smoking.

your picture of me is wrong!! at least I am honest

Anyone is allowed to talk about struggles with sobriety. You’ll note that you have never been flagged for posting about how hard it has been for you to stay sober. Posts that glorify alcohol are the ones that get flagged and removed. I feel like I have this conversation with @san_pedro on a monthly basis, and he still acts like he’s being attacked even though @SzAdmin is the one who made the rules. I’m frankly sick of his whining. He knows the rules. If he doesn’t follow them, he will continue being flagged.

flag on I don’t care

Relax @san_pedro no need to become hostile.

Its not your site, you dont make the rules. Simple

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Is it against the rules to say I cook with beer? I’m not being sarcastic. I genuinely don’t know. I cook my hobo dinner with beer. @ninjastar

its doubles standards for each person across
the board

@san_pedro :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

Pedro youve always been a great guy and ive loved your random posts.

Why you gotta be like this now :frowning:

unfair is my answer

No, cooking with alcohol is not alcohol abuse. He alcohol all cooks away.

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We don’t give special privileges to veteran members. Your post was flagged and removed by me personally for religious content. You were not banned or warned as it was a very minor offense. The reason we sometimes flag these posts instead of just removing them is to have a record in case something becomes a reccurent issue. This was pretty much a one-time incident and it was pretty insignificant. There was nothing wrong with your post apart from the fact that religious themes frequently cause hurt feelings here. Don’t take it personally. A lot of people have insiginificant flags like this one and they don’t usually have any consequences beyond the removal of that specific post.