Some thoughts on social anxiety vs ASD/Asperger's

Some thoughts on social anxiety vs ASD/Asperger’s

I have social anxiety and am waiting on an ASD assessment. I think if it’s just SA then once you get past the fear of interacting you have a naturally fair to good idea as to how to socially interact . Throw Asperger’s /ASD into the mix and you’ll have more trouble socially interacting even if you are not actually afraid of interacting with others. Take away the fear of interacting and you’ll still have difficulty interacting .

I think my daughter has Asperger’s.

It’s funny. I’ve had social anxiety on and off in my life.

Now I don’t have it but I have little desire to do much interacting.

Best of luck with the assessment.

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Social withdrawal is a key effect of having psychosis/schizophrenia. The question is how skilled are you at interacting when you have to ?

I am not skilled but i try irl

I can pass as normal for about 30 minutes. Then I really start to fade. I just run out of steam.

I’m not sure I even build up steam.

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I sometimes go through SA but not ASD, I am uncomfortable around certain people, I am taking CBT for this.

The fear i think is a big factor weather you don’t have AS, or you do. Take the fear away and it’s 50% easier to interact socially. Thats been my experience anyway having AS and sza.

I have aspergers and GAD. Lucky me.

My ocd is the icing on the cake.

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