Some thoughts on creativity

I understand how a song should be much more now, almost, as long as I can envision it in my head of being a certain way, of where I wanna be, I can practically do it.

But creativity is like digging
With a shovel
U can only go a little at a time
And sometimes it rains


mine comes quickly, and I rarely go back to it

once a piece is done. drawings, coloring, and painting
take me about one hour, same with writing plays.

fiction is quite a bit longer. I think if you want to be creative
you’ve got to stay inspired, read a lot, go to museums and concerts,
go to readings.

Lately I haven’t been doing much of that, and I think it’s really dampened my creativity.

I guess Mozart had it all in his head first too. Mostly, I can’t do that, and rarely know how a piece is going turn out.


I have to study and pray to be inspired by the HS, then it comes out sometimes crudely. Then to make sense out of what I wrote- correction to it. I have 100s of vignettes you might say all a little diff. and I write one every week on Sunday.

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