Some positive things happened today

I was in group therapy yesterday and explaining how dismal my life is not having anything to do except for my art class every week. My therapist asked how much it would cost to get my guitar out of hock at the pawn shop and I said $48 dollars and he said “is that all??” and I agreed. He said meet him today and he went with me and got my guitar out of hock !! I gave him a painting to compensate the money…that only leaves my banjo to get out of hock now and I feel so great I’ve been playing guitar so much today my fingers are sore because I haven’t gotten callouses yet again. Anyways, at art class today my teacher gave me $20 out of the payment I gave her for the art classes and now I have enough grocery money to buy some decent food for next week…no more cigarettes !!


Nice to hear your doing good.Do things you love,life would defitnately be better


I’m glad you had fun! :slight_smile: I haven’t enjoyed playing the piano for years. I wanted to be a pianist when I was a kid up through high school, then during college, something in me just died and I cried the last couple of times that i played it. I blame it on the schizophrenia.


aww this is great. do you have any pics of your art? I would love to see your paintings. Have you tried selling them online?

I’m so glad you were able to have that happen… what a nice person.

Starting to sell your art… getting your guitar back… this is great…

Congratulations on this turn of luck…

sorry @waterway I only have pics of my work on facebook. thanks all of you for your kind words.

Way to go jukebox! I’m happy for you. It can be so refreshing when you get involved in constructive activity.

Nice R2D2!

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