Some close to me

treated me very very badly. I worked and worked with drs. on how to overcome her and I got nowhere. finally now things are improving – not great but improving.

it feels like therapy when someone who hated you terribly turns around and at least sometimes kind of likes you. for me at least that is how it is.

all those years of suffering from her. I sometimes blame her for my sz at least in my mind and heart.


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I had an in law that turned on me and I know for a fact that when people are intentionally mean to you when they should be close, well, that does mess with the head in bad ways.
It is so hard to forgive those who make your life miserable, but if you don’t, they unfortunately stay in your head until you do.

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forgiveness is really beautiful. just sometimes it makes me feel like the world’s greatest sucker.

however, that doesn’t accomplish much. forgiveness does us better. at least I hope so.



There is a time that people, that cause so much pain in my heart, don’t pack the emotional charge they used to. I can think about them as a matter of fact. I hope that happens for you.

I have a philosophy about people and schizophrenia- if you have schizophrenia and people arent positive and instead are negative forces in your life, screw them.

Survival of the fittest, some people are toxic and will make you less fit. Some people will make you more fit. I mean mentally fit, not physically…duh.

Just forget her. I forget people rather often. I often want to blame people for my illness but I know too much about the illness to be ignorant enough to actually blame someone. You can blame people for hurting you, but schizophrenia is in your genes.

But seriously, if someone makes you suffer, leave them behind. But not many people, maybe like one have directly insulted me to my face, the only one in like 3 years is a 300lb powerlifter who told me “go ■■■■ yourself”. He’s also a gun nut and has spent time on a penal farm so yeah, I just took it. Not worth getting shot over.

Other people (who dont bench press 600lbs and havent spent time on penal farms) dont mess with me.

thanks mortimermouse. I am trying to get that woman out of my life as well as a few others. they are now half out and half in. I still suffer from them.

it is hard for me to accept the genes aspect of sz. really I was diagnosed as a kid as either having or will have… sz… and everybody starting running away from me. some stuck around to be punitive and worse than nasty to teach me a lesson for being around.

my mom and dad and siblings did what they could for me. it was a losing battle…\

and now I am winning. the meds + therapy + family support did it for me besides my own efforts.

this site helps me much.



It seems you have the same recipe as I do. Meds, therapy, family support, personal effort.

I’m glad your at a point of forgiveness. I’m working for that. Some days I got this. Other days I have to work to do it.

It’s hard when it’s a family member who is being negative and disruptive. But as I’ve come to find out, it’s not all about me. The person in my life being negative is going through a very dark time right now and lashing out like a hurt animal is what he is reduced to.

We can only stand back a little and keep an eye out and hope this person accepts help before he looses it all. Until then, cautious and hopeful, but still realistic.

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i believe, surprised j, that we all have our breaking point where we lash out from pain. any person can be driven toward it.

I can offer no suggestions as to how to handle this negative person in your life.

good luck to you. judy

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Right now, there is nothing anyone can do but back off and watch. He’s an adult, he refuses all help, and he’s angry at how life has played out. So, cautious but hopeful…