Social Activities after diagnosis

I have a question for anyone that may have some ideas to share… My 29 yar old son was diagnosed with schizophrenia several months age and has been doing remarkably well on Invega Sustenna… Am trying to think of ways in which to engage him back to social activities that he has missed out during the time he was not on meds… All of his friends have moved on… married etc. and it has been many years since high school and college…He and I… his mom go to movies … dinner etc I try to get him out and about as much as I can but I know he longs for companionship from peers… Any ideas… suggestions?

Volunteer work is what taught me to socialize in limited amounts at first and what keeps me socialized. I had to start out with maybe two hours per week every couple of weeks. Now I’m doing at least twenty hours per week.



Thank you… volunteer work was my thought as well… he is working a seasonal town job doing security at local beaches and marinas…I would volunteer as well to get him started if need be…Thank you so much for your input


My first post-diagnosis volunteer gig was visiting seniors at a local lodge. Just being someone to talk to and play cards with. Super low pressure, no way to mess up, and a great way to feel some acceptance coming back at you. Highly recommended. :smile:



I was just commenting to my boyfriend today that we need more sites for friends but I do love online dating and there is also Meet Up you can get on their email alerts.

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what about a peer support group?

i go to one and meet a variety of people and we talk about things and do stuff, i am hopefully going to get a book on paper folding and try and teach the group and myself some Oregami,

i also attend a music group and we try and sing a little although it can be hard.

i have vollunteered as well and attended an art group, i also do college and go to church,

now trying to get some pt permitted work which i plan to share with my friend.


Thank you… I have hear of meet up groups… will check it out! Have a great day!

Sure and look on events calendar for mixers it can be hit or miss though and you need to approach cautiously.

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Those are all great ideas daydreamer…I have a feeling though I will have to lead the way… such as church… volunteering etc… thats ok… all good for us both to get involved! Thanks again… Oregami is awesome… used to do some myself! Have a great day!


where I live… there are some very good community centers… and for a very small fee… ($3 a visit) they had once a week art classes… boxing… pottery… cooking… just a list of stuff that is once a week… low key… not expensive…

Maybe check out your local community center?

For a bit I took the cooking classes… sure did need that… when I got out on my own… I didn’t know how to cook at all… my sis came over and cooked for me… or I just grabbed the junk food. (I live with my sis now… but I still like being able to cook for myself.)

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Try volunteering that would be good

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I think that volunteering is a very good idea…our local shelter i am sure has opportunities…also … our town has a club that picks an area to do a cleanup… Thank you !.. You are all awesome for taking the time to write!!!

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We have several centers…My son can cook some things but I am thinkiing that maybe he could learn a bit more… and maybe eventually make me dinner!.. He has also in the past been a member of a gym so was thinking Planet Fitness… only $10.00 monthly… Wow… now I am on a roll thanks to all the responses! Thank you!

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No problem. Volunteering has really made me more sociable and keeps my mind occupied and I hope it works out for your son too

To be honest I only hangout with old friends from high school. I went to a small private school and it was a small community, very close, and we alumns are likewise a small and close group.

I should say that I was asocial (not exactly antisocial, more specifically I was simply void of social interaction).

My friends are my age about, some a year older some a year younger. I was avoided for good reasons until word got around that I was taking medications and going to therapy as well as doing quite well in college. My old friends came back around. I have made some friends in college but nothing very long lasting; I mainly see them on campus.

I suggest going to NAMI support groups for mentally ill patients. They are supportive and also accepting of people because they themselves are in fact mentally ill.

I have tried many different ways to meet and interact with new people, I was on a private weightlifting team for a short while but they were a bunch of dicks. I also was quite promiscuous for a solid year and that was stupid but it was also a learning experience and made up for years and years of being isolated.

I now hangout with mainly old friends who are also psychology students.

I live with my family so I end up spending time with them a fair amount too.

I recommend that you get your son into some sort of healthy activities like perhaps a fitness class or gym, maybe even martial arts would be good for him. The number one thing to watch out for with young persons with severe mental illness is risky behaviors. This includes but is not limited to drug and alcohol use, tobacco use, unprotected sex, ect. Basically common sense.

I think maybe he should play some sort of sport. I myself am very enthusiastic about weightlifting and it helps me stay stable.

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I just found a non profit organization in my town that I didn’t know existed for the last 2 years. It’s all about helping people with disabilities to live independently. They have volunteer positions available, I’m considering looking into that as a way to get my work ethic back and meet people in the community.


Awesome Mortimermouse!! Great ideas…thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to write!!The risky behaviors is why he avoids some friends from the past… Am happy for you… sounds like you have a lot going on !!

I work in a field that I have many resources for organizations that help people with various issues…Volunteering is the most wonderful way to meet people while also building your own strengths as well as character… great idea… Wow… so much info … I will need to get started in having him get involved and out of the house some… He has been working a security position part time… not much socializinvg going on there!