Sobriety getting a little tougher now

28 days sober maybe because the thc has left my system. I feel irritated and anxious. I wish I could use last night. Then again this morning. I don’t wanna use right now but crazy thoughts going through my head.


Stay strong man.

Maybe chow some sweets or drink water.

It helps


Hi @Jonnybegood, try to replace the craving with something natural.
Have you ever tried a chamomile tea? It really relaxes me. Trust me try it.


Can you talk to your sponsor?


Great ideas everyone. Thanks @ninjastar I’m going to iop soon too I will talk about it there and call my sponsor. It’s one day at a time but my thoughts say things like “you can relapse after you get 6 months”. I will tell my sponsor this. I can’t use because it makes me sick mentally AND physically. But the disease is real and tells me it’ll be ok if I go back to it when my logic tells me it wouldn’t.


I talked to my old sponsor it was good to be able to vent and get another perspective.

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@Jonnybegood, are your “crazy thoughts” related to medication, maybe? Could you see about a dosage change? …28 days is great. Hang on. You may need to be upped on your med. Just a guess.

No. This is what I texted my sponsor. My crazy thoughts are related to the disease if addiction not mental illness.

“The marijuana makes me more creative. Until it dulls me and makes me less creative. But when I take a long break, then return to it. My creativity is off the chain!! That’s where my reservation comes from. I know I can be creative without drugs or alcohol. But I also know when I return to it my creativity is always at an all time high. Until I start smoking or drinking too much and it has an opposite affect. It’s like my use is a cycle because of this and I don’t know how to get over it. I made a great song sober the other day. But I have the reservation because I know it’d be even better if I returned to it after a while.”

He said that that is a crazy thought.

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Sorry man, I know zip about marijuana. I wish I did. My drug of demise was booze.

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I shared at a meeting what was on my mind and feel a lot better now.

Hang in there. Maybe talk to someone who’s been sober a long time to see how they did it.

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thanks @loke im trying

Are you alone tonight? What about hanging with a sober buddy tonight?

im never alone anymore I live in a sober house so ill be good thanks :slight_smile:

Oh. That’s very good :blush:

I ran out of maruijuanna yesterday and I literally feel more depressed then Kurt cobain on April 4th 1994

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