So, what does it really mean to want to be popular?

To want the crowds to be pleased about you? Have we all experienced public embarrassment until we need to feel everyone adores us?


I remember the popular kids at school. They seemed miserable bc a lot was expected of them. Not my thing.


Yeah, my friend wasn’t popular but he got all the girls and he always seemed happy.

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I’m not that concerned with being popular. I’d rather just be happy. Unfortunately, until when and if I can do something about my negatives I have a hard time being happy.


If you’re happy, probably, you’ll be naturally popular.


No clue. I never had friends in high school. I had 1 good friend for 2 years or less and then we became non-friendly. I was really lonely growing up and hated life.


Hmm. . .

It All Depends On What Type Of Crowd Is Attracted To You Really.

It Could Either Be A Curse, And Or A Blessing.

In The End I Would Say, The Larger Percentage Of The Population Would Prefer True Love.

Let’s Hope That Is True Of Course.

I was one of those ‘nice guys’. way too nice.

I come off as a beta male.

When I changed high schools I started hanging out with the popular group but I didn’t like it so I switched to a different group. I kind of just hung out with whoever

Hey inferiority complex will always make you do stupid things raise your popularity chordy

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