So try a increase the time between cigs - have set a

timer. Is currently set at 1 hour 45 minutes. Will see how I get on


You can slowly pick off a plaster, or you can rip it off quickly.

You can stretch out your addiction or you can get off more quickly by a sudden withdrawal. All the increase of time will do is lessen the pain of withdrawal, but you’ll still feel the craving for longer which increases the chance of failure.

If you can’t quit, then vape! At least vaping doesn’t contain the 1000’s of poisonous chemicals a cigarette has.


i havent smoked in 40 hours. no withdrawals yet, i’ve been drinking lots of caffeinated soda though. so far so good.


You guys make a good point

You got this Jim!

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I’m at 12mg now and I’m getting hungry but ill fight thru.


Good luck @anon94176359 !

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That’s a good idea!

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me too, increasing my time between vaping maybe 45 minutes.

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