So the cig cravings are mostly gone

Well the really strong cravings that is. Still get transient urges lasting like under 10 seconds.

Can drink strong coffee without get strong cig urges which I am grateful for.

Been like 2 weeks since I began the cold turkey experience. I messed up for one day and night a week ago but am back on the wagon.

If I get to April cig free I will be happy


good job @Jimbob !
i hope you keep it up. You are doing great =)

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That’s how I had to do it.

I bought so many packs of cigs to smoke 1 and throw out the other 19.

I did this probably 15-20 times over 3 years.

Eventually things will work out for you as it did for me and you’ll end up nicotine free.



Yeah I threw out a load of tobacco but will be worth it

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Proud of you fifteen