So tested negative for covid

Phew. Am getting my depot on Wednesday


Wow! Big news !


That’s good! 15

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Great news!

I’m getting tested tomorrow morning. Hopefully it will be the same. :crossed_fingers:


How did you do it? A swab up the nose? I’m kinda scared to get one, if I ever have to

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Yeah a swab of your nose and tonsils

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ouch, I’ve heard it’s no fun. Glad yours came back negative

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To be fair it’s not the nicest test


Mine were nasal swabs. They weren’t bad at all, compared to what I was expecting. My eyes watered a little though.

I have to get tested somewhat regularly because I work at a college.


Great news @anon94176359!

That’s great news! You must be relieved @anon94176359

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Am relieved but also puzzled about what the source of my current physical illness is. I feel totally drained and have had a headache for a week.

im travelling to hawaii, i need test 72 hour test where can get one.

Can you even travel during covid? The US border is closed and not accepting Canadians my brother told me. I wanted to go shopping in the US.

yea i can travel but i there qurantine thing i have to do but i can bypass it with a 72 hour covid testing just want to know where i can get one, i dont know about out of state travel but i know instate you can.

Not sure where you can get one. I am based in the U.K. testing is a government run thing here

I am sure you can find testing centers on Google.

ok ill try google it.

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