So my dad ran over the pet pig

Yesterday my dad was pulling into the driveway and didn’t see the pig walk in front of his truck so he ran over her. She was pretty traumatized. She’s up and moving around today so she’s ok :+1:. Thank God. That pig is my only friend irl.


Glad she’s ok !

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Yeah glad she’s doing fine! :pig:

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Oh! Poor Piggy! Hope she feels better soon. What a bloody great pet to have.

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Pigs are hearty, glad it’s ok.

Does she have a name?

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My dad calls her Precious


Glad that your pig is ok and a good friend.

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I’m glad your pig wasn’t hurt.

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This isn’t the first issue we’ve had with this pig:


@anon51377248. I binged today. Will try again tomorrow

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Hiccups happen. Don’t worry about it too much. :slight_smile:

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Oh phew I thought she was dead :open_mouth:


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