So it looks like my neighbour is getting a puppy

I said I will totally her for rest breaks during the day whilst my neighbour is at work. She has a garden plus the village green is literally across the road.

I told my neighbour I am not consistent enough to guarantee long walks every day but she can depend on me to talk the pup on toilet breaks.

I have never been around a puppy before. All the dogs in my life have been fully grown. So am real excited to play with a proper pup!


That’s kind of you to offer to help with the puppy during the day. What breed is the puppy?

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A lab! When I was younger we had a yellow lab. He was one of the failed guide dogs for the blind (do you call them sight dogs in the states?)

He was a brilliant dog so am fond of labs


Labs are great dogs. They are so fun.

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oh man, I wish I could play with a puppy…we have a dog that is one and a half and he is still kind of a puppy to me but he is full grown…so cute…so glad you will really bond with that puppy…be careful…!! turning on “outside” now…haha

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Sounds good @anon94176359. I love animals and little dogs are a bit of work but it’s good you get to hand them back. Have fun and very nice of you.

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That was kind of you to offer. I bet you ad the little one get along great. You’ll have a little buddy you can visit with often :slight_smile:

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