So, I was watching some wack-job on TV and she said President Lyndon B. Johnson was the first president to be told about the severity of climate change. This was in 1965

I thought that was LOL

Also, there are more Americans who know climate change is a problem, but don’t think it will affect them: than Americans who don’t believe in climate change period.

I’m in the group that knows about it, and I do make pro-active steps to help out.

I need to limit beef consumption. Which is actually as easy as not buying it and bringing it in the house to begin with. DONE

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Like the tobacco industry knew about cancer, the petroleum industry knew about climate change and the plastic industry ( a deriviative of petroleum) knew about pollution…

The capitalists are in charge and they don’t care about you or me, anyone else, or the planet if there is a buck in it.

It will go on and on until there is a revolution or the world is forced to change or die out.


You’re being a bit optimistic with that statement friend.

I don’t imagine we make it that long. You’re talking hundreds of years from now. At least…

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I remember reading about climate change back in the very early ‘80’s in a magazine called “Omni.”
They predicted no one would take it seriously until it transformed the earth into something humans couldn’t live up in.
I believed them.

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I hope I’m alive when we the government is over thrown, and people put the planet and human life above profit and private jets.

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ah, the meek shall inherit the earth…………
but only after everyone else is done with it.
Time to take over the earth is now.

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