So I told this guy I went out with tonight that I didn't pursue teaching because I found it a bit...?

stressful, that I am a quieter girl and it is a temperamental thing really and in some classes for TEFL you are teaching upwards of 80 students at a time. And, what he said next has really annoyed me. He said ‘‘But teaching is a normal job’’ (like my job isn’t normal? Did he mean it was a better job than working in a bakery?) So I said, ‘‘well all jobs are normal’’. I’m not quite sure what he meant but it led me to believe that given feminism and what have you men judge women now on their career/profession. And that kind of sucks. I never wanted to be judged by the standards men have typically been judged. It’s a different world out there and I am not sure I like the wholesale abandonment of the conventional roles of man and woman.

Anyway, it seemed a little arrogant. He is a software implementation specialist for financial institutions and I am in a pretty modest and humble job at the moment :frowning: But what exactly did he mean? Am I taking it the wrong way?

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