So I said yes

That’s good that you can survive - out there. I’m not sure after reading. Can you pass as non-schizophrenic?

bc you were being honest and honesty is a very good attribute :slight_smile:

employers will commend you for being honest but they might also discriminate so its a bit sort of will he or won’t he type thing,

over here in uk we have specific jobs and help available to get working again, employers have these awards for employing disabled and mentally ill people here in uk.
there is also the equality acts which means no-one should judge or discriminate against others etc and if they are found guilty of that they could be fined.

anyway i hope you get a job, i think a job would be wonderful for people like us if we are able bc it would give us something to do i guess.

take care

I was mildly discriminated by my employers after I disclosed my diagnosis, at that time it was purely bipolar.
My employers tried to transfer me to another school (work site) after my disclosure - they also treated me as if I were ‘special’ and not intellectually capable.
Be very careful disclosing a severe mental illness at work - it will usually backfire somehow - my coworkers were treating me as if I were a kid. I had to disclose in order to be accommodated, but I would have never disclosed otherwise.
Anyone that thinks workplace discrimination and stigma does not exist or is a minimal issue, is probably deluding themselves.

  • My Evaluations - demeanor, conduct were all excellent - but was still discriminated - ■■■■■■■ ridiculous!